Planning your journey

Planning your journey

There are lots of good reasons for planning your journey.

  • Your journey will be less stressful if you know exactly how to get to your destination.
  • You can avoid getting stuck in roadworks and congestion.
  • Planning an alternative route will help you if there’s a problem on your original route.
  • It’ll make your journey more efficient so you’ll save time and fuel.

Avoiding a rushed and fraught journey will also make it safer because you’re less likely to make a mistake or get distracted, which could lead to an incident.

Many tools are available to help you plan your journey. These include

  • road maps and atlases
  • satellite navigation systems
  • online journey planners
  • websites providing information about congestion and roadworks
  • the GOV.UK journey planner, which lets you plan your journey by public transport or car using postcodes, places, addresses or major attractions.