Stay safe and keep revising!

Young girl behind the wheel with casually dressed lad in the front passenger seat

Well it’s a strange old time to be a learner driver isn’t it? Just a few weeks ago you were probably tapping away on your app (other formats are available smiley ) swotting up in preparation for your theory test...then the Coronavirus hit and everything ground to a halt. As if that wasn’t enough, the practical driving test was also suspended, which means that many of you who were dreaming of taking your first trip as a newly qualified driver have been left to dream a little longer.

Your friends at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Safe Driving for Life blog really *really* sympathise. The decision to suspend the tests was not taken lightly. But your safety and the safety of DVSA staff is of paramount importance – that’s why there really wasn’t any other choice.

Anyway, we’re optimistic souls in these parts, so much so that we reckon the extra time might even turn out to be an advantage. For a start, you can dodge the exam cram and spend more time learning your theory. It’s really important that you don’t just prepare for the test – after all this knowledge will need to last you a lifetime, so the more prep you do now, the better and more confident you’ll be when you’re finally out on the roads on your own.

Fortunately, there are lots and lots of free resources on the Safe Driving for Life website that can help you:

  • For a taste of how the theory test will look and feel, click over to our practice tests. This is the best way of familiarising yourself with what to expect on the day of your theory test. If at first you don’t pass, keep practising!
  • Knowing your traffic signs is just as important as learning The Highway Code. We’ve got you covered there as well. Our rather snazzy quiz will help you on the road to traffic signs mastery – just keep going until you’ve got it all down
  • Last but not least, there’s also the hazard perception practice clips. There’s 3 here, all of which you can practice for free, as many times as you like. Don’t forget that you’re awarded points for spotting a hazard when it develops – clicking too soon or too late will return a score of zero.

We hope these resources will help you in your (slightly delayed) journey to passing both parts of the driving test. For those of you who want a little bit more help, remember that Safe Driving for Life shop is still open for business.

Until next time...look after yourselves and stay safe!