Keeping your riding knowledge up to date

Keeping your riding knowledge up to date

When did you last look at The Highway Code? Maybe not since you passed your motorbike test?

And when do you use The Highway Code? Every time you ride your motorbike.

Even if you can remember The Highway Code, it’s important to look at it every so often because rules and advice change. Was there a rule about using mobile phones when you passed your test?

You can read The Highway Code on GOV.UK or buy a book, CD-ROM, eBook or app. Find out more in our shop.

Use the Motorcyclist Knowledge Centre on this site to find out what you should know to help you ride safely and responsibly.

It’s especially important to refresh your skills if you’re returning to riding after a break. You might find that your riding skills are a little rusty; on top of that there’ll be rules, motorbike technology, road conditions and advice that have changed too. Taking some training will help you get back up to date.