Taxis and minicabs

Taxis and minicabs

Minicabs and private hire vehicle (PHVs) must be pre-booked by customers: they can’t be hailed on the street or use taxi ranks.

If you want to drive a minicab or run a PHV company, you’ll need to get a PHV operator licence from your local authority. Each private hire driver and vehicle will need to be licensed too. See the Getting started as a taxi driver page for more information.

See GOV.UK for more information about applying for a PHV operator licence outside London.

It’s important to keep your skills up to date. Traffic rules, regulations and signs change from time to time and you’ll need to know how these affect you.

You can find out about changes

  • in Highway Code updates on Twitter or on Facebook
  • on GOV.UK
  • in government publications
  • on motoring organisation websites
  • on this website.

You can find out about the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be a safe and responsible driver in the Driver Knowledge Centre.